adpatch restart file ‘END OF COMPLETED JOBS’ line is missing

When applying the patch from the apps tier machine and it dies in the middle of the patch, in this case the R12.1.1 patch, 6678700, it said:

Reading completed jobs from restart file (if any).

AutoPatch error:

unable to find job when restarting

Wrong number of fields in restart file when restarting at line number =

This may indicate that the “END OF COMPLETED JOBS’ line is missing.

Notice the patch lists the number of jobs from the beginning of the patch, phase A0, not the current job, in this case is 48177 jobs at phase A144, as shown in the figure at the bottom of this post.endofcompletedjobs






Other OTN threads suggest restarting the patch from the beginning. This requires a restore of the database, and while this solution works, it’s not the fastest solution.

Please edit the $APPL_TOP/admin/SID/restart/adpmain.rf9 file and remove the last incomplete line. See the figure below, the last line is incomplete compared to the line above it. Make a backup of the restart directory and edit the file and remove the last line.adfmain_rf9




Remove the line that says: Done job: prod= gmd un=GMD file=GMDSTNXT.sql ……

Then, restart the patch and use adctrl to set the jobs to restart.

Thanks, Mike

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