Apply the Latest AD/TXK RUP11 Patches

See MOS Doc. ID: 1583092.1, E-Business Suite RUP, AD and TXK RUP Information and MOS Doc. ID: 1617461.1, Applying the Latest AD and TXK Release Update Packs to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.

This AD-TXK codelevel has a dependency on Oracle Fusion Middleware:

  • For FMW, see Patch 20642039
  • For FMW, see Patch 20756887

However, if you are using startCD51, the version of FMW should be, and there should be no need to apply these patches. See MOS Doc. ID: 2073977.1, How To Find The Version Of Oracle Fusion Middleware Used By E-Business Suite Release 12.2.

  • Ensure all the required ETCC database objects will be found by the Delta 10 RUP installation process. This means that you must still run the latest version of ETCC on your database, even if you already have all the required database patches installed.
  • Use the script supplied in Patch 17537119 to check your Fusion Middleware version and identify the patches required by ETCC. For the database use
  • You should check to see if there is a new version of the ETCC patch about every 30 days. The xml file that contains the list of recent patches is released about every 30 days. The ETCC scripts check to see if the xml file is older than 30 days, if so, they terminate. In the upgrade environment, you can query the contents of the TXK_TCC_RESULTS table to make sure the dates are current.

[WARNING] DB-ETCC: Bugfix XML file (./db/onprem/txk_R1220_DB_base_bugs.xml) is more than 30 days old.  Check if a newer version is available in Patch 17537119.

In our case, on February 5th, the base_bugs.xml is more than 30 days old:

grep Header <ETCC_LOC>/db/onprem/txk_R1220_DB_base_bugs.xml

grep Header <ETCC_LOC>/db/onprem/txk_R1220_DB_mappings.xml

30465 Nov  1 09:47 txk_R1220_DB_base_bugs.xml, but the patch says it was updated 29 days ago:

  • There may be an error depending on the case of your servers listed in the TXK_TCC_RESULTS table. Check the case of the servers in the TXK_TCC_RESULTS table to make sure they are valid if you get an error on the TXK_TCC_RESULTS table.

select count(table_name) from all_tables where table_name=’TXK_TCC_RESULTS’;


  • Applying the latest AD/TXK Delta patches is highly recommended. AD/TXK Delta 11 was released in June 2019.  One of the major changes in AD-TXK Delta 10 was the addition of a new context variable s_srvctl_thread_count. You can now tune the thread count with this new context variable, s_srvctl_thread_count to optimize startup and shutdown.

AD/TXK Delta 9 was released in March 2017. AD/TXK Delta 9 introduced full support for the Oracle Grid Listener used by ASM. The Grid Listener requires all registered service names to be unique. In AD/TXK Delta 8 and earlier, the service name for connections to the Patch Edition of the database was ebs_patch. In AD/TXK Delta.9, the service name to connect to the Patch Edition has been changed to <instance_name>_ebs_patch.

Apply the latest application tier technology patches to the run file system. Refer to MOS Doc.ID: 1355068.1, Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Patching Technology Components Guide for instructions on how to do this.

  1. Start only the WebLogic Admin Server on the application tier.


  • Download and unzip the AD/TXK Delta 13 patches and run adgrants:

Execute adgrants.sql (currently version 89, by following the instructions in the readme of Patch 32394134, R12.AD.C.Delta.13.

The Release 12.2 database architecture has been modernized by adoption of the Oracle E-Business Suite System Schema, EBS_SYSTEM. Prior to the introduction of the EBS_SYSTEM schema, Oracle E-Business Suite installed application objects in the Oracle Database SYS and SYSTEM schemas. Migration to the EBS SYSTEM Schema obviates the need for any EBS-owned objects to reside in the SYS or SYSTEM schemas.

Key characteristics of the EBS_SYSTEM Schema include:

  • Creation of the EBS_SYSTEM schema and associated grant management is performed as follows:
  • Creation of the EBS_SYSTEM schema and is performed by SYS running the adgrants.sql script (supplying the APPS account as the parameter) before applying the AD-TXK Delta 13 RUPs.
  • Grants required by the APPS account are given by the apps_adgrants.sql script being run automatically by the AD-TXK Delta 13 RUP installation process. This script does not need to be run manually as part of normal patching operations.
  • All EBS database objects that currently reside in the SYS or SYSTEM schemas are migrated to appropriate Oracle E-Business Suite schemas. Depending upon the EBS object type and function, the object is migrated to EBS_SYSTEM, APPS, or APPS_NE.
  • All Oracle E-Business Suite administration actions (such as running adop, adadmin and other utilities) are now performed by EBS_SYSTEM.
  • Access to the Oracle database SYS and SYSTEM and the Oracle database server operating system is no longer required for Oracle E-Business Suite system administrative functions.

Requirements for Using the EBS System Schema

Oracle E-Business Suite is focused on revoking unnecessary privileges from the core EBS accounts as part of the implementation of the Defense in Depth and Least Privileges Model. This may impact custom code that runs in the EBS schemas and relies on these privileges. In these cases, you should consider separating the custom code into a separate schema, or, if that is not possible, adding the minimal required privileges back to the necessary account. For more information on interacting with EBS objects and code from a separate schema, refer to MOS Doc. ID: 2327836.1, Guidance for Providing Access to the Oracle E-Business Suite Database for Extensions and Third-Party Products.


To use the EBS System Schema, you need to be on Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.3 or later.

Mandatory Patches and Steps

You must have available the following release update packs (RUPs) and other patches, ready to apply below in Section 3, in the order shown here.

  1. AD Delta 13 (or later) and TXK Delta 13 (or later) — Support for EBS System Schema Migration was introduced in the Oracle Applications DBA (AD) and Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Stack (TXK) Delta 13 release update packs. Previous releases of AD and TXK included database objects owned by AD or TXK that resided in the Oracle Database SYS or SYSTEM schemas, and also included references to private Oracle database SYS or SYSTEM objects.

    With AD Delta 13 and TXK Delta 13, EBS database objects are migrated from SYS and SYSTEM into the EBS_SYSTEMAPPS, or APPS_NE schemas.  All relevant object references are updated to point to the migrated objects in the APPS or APPS_NE schemas.

    AD Delta 13 and TXK Delta 13 also update all code that previously referenced private Oracle Database SYS and SYSTEM objects, to reference Oracle Database approved public objects or public APIs instead.
  2. EBS 12.2.11 RUP, or EBS Release 12.2.3—12.2.10 and EBS System Schema Migration Consolidated Patch — Oracle E-Business Suite Releases 12.2.3—12.2.10 include EBS-owned database objects that reside in the database SYS or SYSTEM schemas, or reference database SYS or SYSTEM objects. The EBS System Schema Migration Consolidated Patch (also referred to as the Consolidated Patch) migrates these objects to the appropriate EBS schemas. The EBS 12.2.11 RUP includes the Consolidated Patch.

Note: Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.11 and later do not install EBS objects in the SYS or SYSTEM schemas, and so do not require the EBS System Schema Migration Consolidated Patch.

  • Before proceeding with application of the final patch in Step 4, you must update any customizations that have been identified with mandatory compliance requirements. For guidance, refer to MOS Doc. ID: 1577661.1, Developing and Deploying Customizations in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.
    • EBS System Schema Migration Completion Patch — Although it is possible to apply AD-TXK Delta 13 and the EBS System Schema Migration Consolidated Patch without applying the EBS System Schema Migration Completion Patch immediately afterwards, the migration is not finished until the Completion Patch has been applied. This patch drops AD, TXK, and EBS product code in the database SYS or SYSTEM schemas, and removes any final restricted references to database SYS  or SYSTEM objects.

      Prior to applying the Completion Patch, you must apply the following prerequisite patches:AD-TXK Delta 13
    • Either the EBS 12.2.11 RUP or the EBS System Schema Migration Consolidated Patch

The Completion Patch will fail to apply if you do not apply these patches first.

  • You should also download and unzip any applicable patches from Section 4.  Apply Additional Critical Patches of MOS Doc ID: 1617461.1, Applying the Latest AD and TXK Release Update Packs to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2, which introduces R12.AD.C.Delta.12 and R12.TXK.C.Delta.12. The following are the critical patches as of February 6, 2020. Run adgrants.sql, from Patch 32394134, which delivers a newer version of adgrants (adgrants.sql.65). This is the proper version of adgrants.sql. Then, apply this critical AD patch:

Patch 29591102:R12.AD.C

  • From MOS Doc. ID: 1617461.1, Applying the Latest AD and TXK Release Update Packs to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2: On the Run Edition, apply Patch 32394134  (R12.AD.C.Delta.13) and Patch 32392507:R12.AD.C in Hotpatch Mode. Do not merge any other patches in this step.

$ adop phase=apply patches=32394134  merge=yes hotpatch=yes

It is mandatory that you have already installed Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 using the latest startCD ( – Patch 22066363) along with Patch 32947483 (Rapid Install consolidated one-off bundle on top of startCD51).

Apply AD Critical Patches

$adop phase=apply patches=33862025 merge=yes hotpatch=yes

$ adop phase=apply patches=32392507, 33535778 merge=yes hotpatch=yes

  • Apply Patch 27911576:R12.OWF.C

adop phase=apply patches= 27911576 hotpatch=yes

  • Run on the apps tier and copy the to the database tier, $ORACLE_HOME directory.