Attending Collaborate and Have an Oracle EBS Upgrade or Customization Project?


Check out Delphix at Booth #1613 and see how you can provision full-stake EBS environments in just minutes, automatically secure sensitive information, and lower TCO with space-efficient virtual data. You are invited to join Delphix for the following special events:

April 12th, Tuesday (at the Delphix Booth #1613)

  • 1:00 – 1:15        Delphix Demo
  • 1:15 – 2:00        How many instances do you need for an EBS Upgrade?Q&A with Mike Swing
  • 6:00 – 7:30        Happy Hour

April 13th, Wednesday (at the Delphix Booth #1613)

  • 2:00 – 2:45        Book signing with Mike Swing

Sessions you may be interested in:

Sunday, April 10:

  • Mike Swing’s Pre-Conference (added cost) 1 Day Workshop: E-Business Suite Release 12.2 Upgrade Workshop: The Whole Nine Yards, 9am-4pm, Breakers B
  • OAUG Archive and Purge SIG Meeting at 3:30pm

Monday, April 11:

  • Tim Gorman’s Linux/UNIX Tools for the Oracle DBA on April 11th at 9:15am, Palm A
  • Tim Gorman’s Accelerating DevOps Using Data Virtualization at 2:00pm, Jasmine B

Wednesday, April 13:

  • 11:45 –12:45     Oak Table World at Collaborate 16. Mandalay Bay Ballroom I
    • 11:45 – 11:55am – Internet of Things 101 – Alex Gorbachev, Pythian
    • 12:00 – 12:10pm – How Oracle Data Recovery Mechanisms Complicate Data Security, and What To Do About It, Tim Gorman, Delphix
    • 12:15: – 12:25pm – Some Useful Oracle Diagnostic Tricks – Tanel Poder, Gluent, Inc.
    • 12:30 – 12:40pm – Challenges and Solutions Masking Data – Kyle Hailey, Delphix
    • 12:45 – 12:55pm – Everything Exadata – Dan Norris, Oracle Corporation

TruTek’s Newest R12.2.5 Book is Ready: the little r12.2.5 upgrade essentials for managers and team members

littler1225upgradeessentialsguideFRONTcover 03-29-16wBorderPutting together the right team to tackle the upgrade, and understanding the issues that the team needs to consider to be successful, can be quite a challenge. _the little r12.2.5 upgrade essentials for managers and team members_ describes the big picture of what you need to consider before tackling the Release 12.2.5 E-Business Suite upgrade. Based on TruTek’s popular R12.1 to R12.2 Technical Upgrade classes, this book describes what managers, functional, and technical team members need to know to prepare to upgrade from Release 12.1 to Release 12.2 of Oracle’s E-Business Suite of Applications.

**You can order Mike Swing’s newest book, and his other Release 12.1.3 and 12.2 [books]( now.**

High Level Upgrade Plan to 12.2.5 with Database Migration to Linux


High Level Upgrade Plan to 12.2.5 with a Database Migration to Linux

        TASK NAME                                                             Duration     

  1. Procure Linux Hardware                                                     12d
  2. Install and configure OEL for EBS for DB                            2w
  3. Gather custom code                                                             1w
  4. Migrate Solaris database to Linux                                       1mo
  5. Develop Test Scripts                                                            1w
  6. Test Linux 64 bit DB server with Solaris Apps Tier              1w
  7. Freeze Patching of PROD                                                    0d
  8. Production Cutover to Linux Database servers                    2d
  9. Configure Linux Upgrade DB server – Install OEL                1w
  10. Clone Linux DB servers to Linux Upgrade server                 1w
  11. Configure Linux Apps Upgrade server- Install OEL              1w
  12. Install 12.2.0 on Linux 64 bit apps tier                                  1w
  13. Upgrade DB to on Upgrade Server                        1w
  14. Test DB with Solaris Apps Tier                               1w
  15. Upgrade PROD DB to                                             2d
  16. Clone PROD DB to Upgrade DB                                          1w
  17. Upgrade to 12.2.5                                                                 2w
  18. Develop and Apply Customizations to 12.2.5                       3w
  19. Test 12.2.5                                                                            3w
  20. Upgrade Pass #2 to 12.2.5                                                   2w
  21. Apply Customizations                                                           1w
  22. Test 12.2.5                                                                            1w
  23. Performance Upgrade to 12.2.5                                           1w
  24. Apply Customizations                                                           1w
  25. Test 12.2.5                                                                            1w
  26. Go Live                                                                                  4d


Installing startCD51 and Staging Release 12.2.5, Including of the Database

From Steven Chan’s blog,

“Instructions for downloading and applying this release update pack (RUP) for the EBS 12.2 codeline can be found here:

After going to


1225 download files1

Notice the Oracle Database files with most of the ETCC patches already applied:

1225 download files2

And, the Oracle Web Tier, software is already included. This makes updating to the latest Oracle Fusion Middleware much easier:

1225 download files3

After downloading all the files, running a md5sum to make sure they all downloaded correctly, I staged the files according to: R12.2: How To Create the Stage In Preparation For Installation (Doc ID 1596433.1)

I followed the notes that are included below, but had some additional fixes, in order for the install to work correctly:
1) build the stage according to note 1596433.1
2) chmod -R 755 /home/stage
3) xhost +
4) Clean out /etc/oraInventory/ContentsXML/inventory.xml
5) fix /etc/oraInst.loc follow note 1292347.1
6) to fix the database installer, rapidwiz didn’t show the actual error.
I went to /home/stage/TechInstallMedia/databas/database and ran
runInstaller to get the errors and to run the fixup script. Then
rapidwiz would work.

R12.2: How To Create the Stage In Preparation For Installation (Doc ID
MD5 Checksums for R12.2 Rapid Install Media (Doc ID 1505510.1)
[INS-10002] Inventory Initialization Failed or [INS-10102] Installer
Initialization Failed during Installation (Doc ID 1292347.1)

R12.2: How To Create the Stage In Preparation For Installation (Doc
ID 1596433.1)
MD5 Checksums for R12.2 Rapid Install Media (Doc ID 1505510.1)
[INS-10002] Inventory Initialization Failed or [INS-10102] Installer
Initialization Failed during Installation (Doc ID 1292347.1)

Patch Wizard Can Export its Patch Analysis Now!

Check out Patch 9703082, released in November 2015 for both Release 12.1 and 12.2. Oracle has added the ability to export your patch analysis from Patch Wizard. This works well for companies that want to document or research what objects will change if a patch is applied and send it to testers in an email. Until now, you either had to write your own script to pull the data out of the Patch Wizard tables, or point testers to the Patch Wizard screens. But there’s one caveat…

When you click on the Export button, it exports everything – a list of New Files, Changed Files, and Unchanged Files. We haven’t found a use for the Unchanged Files information, and the sheer quantity of records that this category produces can be overwhelming. Imagine if you analyzed RUP4 – your export file would contain thousands of Unchanged Files. Nonetheless, being able to send that export file via email is valuable, so here’s the workaround:

1. Export the file
2. Sort by Impact Type
3. Delete the Unchanged Files
4. Save and send to your tester