Download the EBS Software for R12.1.1 Install for Rapidwiz

First, go to and select the E-Business Suite and Linux, Solaris or whatever the appropriate OS is. Then, select the set of disks to install; For instance, I’ve selected Oracle Solaris 64-bit. You also have the choice of whether you want the NLS packs for additional languages:

EBS download 1



Notice the next figure shows the first line is the Rapid Install RDBMS Disk2. This is the last disk of the ORACLE_HOME software disks. You will need to download this and rapidwiz will ask for these disks, even though you have selected the rapidwiz option to “Upgrade Oracle Applications”. In my case, I already have a ORACLE_HOME, so I don’t need the ORACLE_HOME that gets installed with these disks. However, there is no option other than install all the software. If you remove this ORACLE_HOME before rapidwiz finishes it’s post install checks, the install will fail and the oraInventory will not be updated. Therefore. wait for rapidwiz to completely finish and then delete the ORACLE_HOME.

In the figure below. you don’t need to download the Rapid Install Databases disks. These are used if you want install the VISION database with data pre-populated.

EBS download 3






You will need the Tools disks, the APPL_TOP disks and the startCD disks:

EBS download 4





After you unzip these zip files,  you should have the following directories:





If you want to download the software for Linux, notice the part numbers are different in the figure below:

EBS download 5




If you are using Linux, there are different disks to install for Linux:

EBS download 6

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