High Level Upgrade Plan to 12.2.5 with Database Migration to Linux

High Level Upgrade Plan to 12.2.5 with a Database Migration to Linux

        TASK NAME                                                             Duration     

  1. Procure Linux Hardware                                                     12d
  2. Install and configure OEL for EBS for DB                            2w
  3. Gather custom code                                                             1w
  4. Migrate Solaris database to Linux                                       1mo
  5. Develop Test Scripts                                                            1w
  6. Test Linux 64 bit DB server with Solaris Apps Tier              1w
  7. Freeze Patching of PROD                                                    0d
  8. Production Cutover to Linux Database servers                    2d
  9. Configure Linux Upgrade DB server – Install OEL                1w
  10. Clone Linux DB servers to Linux Upgrade server                 1w
  11. Configure Linux Apps Upgrade server- Install OEL              1w
  12. Install 12.2.0 on Linux 64 bit apps tier                                  1w
  13. Upgrade DB to on Upgrade Server                        1w
  14. Test DB with Solaris Apps Tier                               1w
  15. Upgrade PROD DB to                                             2d
  16. Clone PROD DB to Upgrade DB                                          1w
  17. Upgrade to 12.2.5                                                                 2w
  18. Develop and Apply Customizations to 12.2.5                       3w
  19. Test 12.2.5                                                                            3w
  20. Upgrade Pass #2 to 12.2.5                                                   2w
  21. Apply Customizations                                                           1w
  22. Test 12.2.5                                                                            1w
  23. Performance Upgrade to 12.2.5                                           1w
  24. Apply Customizations                                                           1w
  25. Test 12.2.5                                                                            1w
  26. Go Live                                                                                  4d