How to Tell If a Patch Has been Applied in R12.2

You can check to see if a patch is really applied by using the AD_PATCH.IS_PATCH_APPLIED pl/sql function.

select AD_PATCH.IS_PATCH_APPLIED(\’$release\’,\’$appltop_id\’,\’$patch_no\’,\’$language\’) from dual;

example sql:
SELECT adb.bug_number,ad_patch.is_patch_applied(‘122’, 1045, adb.bug_number)
FROM ad_bugs adb
WHERE adb.bug_number in (20034256);

or for single app tier installations:
select ad_patch.is_patch_applied(‘R12’,-1,20034256) from dual;

expected results:
EXPLICIT = applied
NOT APPLIED = not applied / aborted