Migrating to OATM

Don’t migrate CTXSYS schema to the  APPS_TS_TX_DATA tablespace. This will prevent you from using Cross Platform Transportable Tablespaces on 11i with 10gR2,  MOS Note 454574.1
Leave CTXSYS in it’s own tablespace as a default database schema.

The Oracle Applications Tablespace Model (OATM) introduces a new consolidated tablespace model in Oracle Applications, that uses 12 locally managed tablespaces for all products, including the temporary tablespace, system tablespace, and undo segments. In this revised Oracle Applications Tablespace Model, each Oracle Applications database object is mapped to a tablespace based on its Input/Output characteristics. This new model allows for easier maintenance, reduces space usage, and allows for potential run-time performance gains.
In this two day class we will:
1- Review OATM Model for Oracle Applications 11i
2- Install OATM migration utility
3- Run OATM migration utility
4- Review the parameters needed while starting OATM utility
5- Examine the OATM Menu Structure
6- Perform Additional Post Migration Steps
Combine this class with the “Database Migration from 32 bit to 64 bit, using DataPump and Transportable Tablespaces” class for 5 days of training.


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