OAUG Connection Point Atlanta 2011 Nov 15-16

OAUG deserves a big “THANKS” from the Atlanta area BI and EBS upgrade customers. OAUG has recognized that travel budgets for training have deminished, and has therefore, brought the proverbial mountain to the users. Good job OAUG for recognizing the needs of the users.

Great Sessions. On Tuesday, the keynote featured Ognjen Pavlovic from Oracle, speaking on the EBS: Vision, Strategy and Roadmap.

I presented “The Big Picture: Upgrading to R12.1.3” at 9:45. After my presentation, I was asked to fill in for a missing panelist, on the OAUG Fusion Council – Fusion Applications Panel Discussion. The next session was the Best of OOW Panel – Four Presentation We Can’t Stop Talking About. I summarized Nadia’s presentation from OOW on Co-Existence if Fusion with EBS. Bill Dunham summarized Sara Woodhull presentation. In my opinion, Nadia and Sara have the two most important presentations from OOW. Alyssa Johnson summarized the EBS Vision, Strategy and Roadmap presentation from OOW.

In the last session of the day on Tuesday, I presented the “Release 12.1.3 Technical Upgrade Overview”. This is my favorite presentation because I go into alot of details about what breaks in the upgradee and why. I also present my opinion on hardware options.

On Wednesday morning, I went to Barb Matthews’ presentation on “Lessons Learned from the R12.1 Upgrade”. This presentation is based on my upcoming article in OAUG Insight magazine, that Barb helped write.

Then, I went to Donna Campbell’s presentation on “What you need to know about Identifying Customizations, before Upgrading to Release 12.1.3. This was co-presented by Barb Matthews, with an interesting story of a customization that she wrote years ago.

This is a picture of the Release 12.1 Upgrade Panel, with Anne Carlson, Mike Swing and Bill Dunham shown.

R12.1 Upgrade Panel

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