Online Patching Readiness Reports in 12.2

  1. Run the Online Patching Enablement Reports. From MOS Doc. ID: 1531121.1, Using the Online Patching Readiness Report in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2:
    1. ADZDPSUM.sql
      Lists schemas containing objects that reference EBS objects that are not editioned. If the schemas are registered with the application, the Online Patching Enablement patch will enable editioning on those schemas avoiding many EBR rule violations (Non-Editioned objects referencing Editioned objects).

sqlplus system @$AD_TOP/sql/ADZDPSUM.sql

mv adzdpsum.txt adzdpsum_pre_dbprep.txt

From ADZDPSUM.sql, see the full report in the attachments:

DOC> ********************************

DOC> ***********************************

DOC>  Schemas that will be editioned upon Online Patching Enablement.

ETL_USER               EBS Product   — registered before the 12.2 upgrade

HYPERION_USER  Custom      — not registered before the upgrade

  • ADZDPMAN.sql
    Lists objects that violate EBR standards and that require manual intervention in order to address the violations. It groups the objects per violation type and provides instructions on how to address those violations.

sqlplus system @$AD_TOP/sql/ADZDPMAN.sql

mv adzdpman.txt adzdpman_pre_dbprep.txt

  • ADZDPAUT.sql
    Lists objects that violate Online Patching Enablement standards. The objects in this report will be adjusted automatically by the Online Patching Enablement patch. This report is provided for information purposes only, no action is required on the output of this report.

sqlplus system @$AD_TOP/sql/ADZDPAUT.sql

mv adzdpaut.txt adzdpaut_pre_dbprep.txt Fix any violations -Oracle recommends that you perform the chosen fix by customizing the template file