OOW R12.1 Upgrade SIG

Chairperson – Barb Matthews, Panelists included: Sandra Vucinic (moderator), Kaberi Nayak, Bill Dunham, Michael Brown, Susan Behn and Mike Swing.

This was a very informative panel with major interaction with the EBS product team including Nadia Bendjedou, Max Arderius, Lester Gutierrez , Anne Carlson and another lady from support who seemed well integrated into the development cycle.

The first question is the question Nadia gets asked all the time; Why not wait for Fusion to upgrade from Some initial promises about that capability have nixed and the rule is Oracle will support and 12.1, but when 12.2 comes out is history.

I answered the question based on Nadia’s presentation, that we should strive to stay current on our application release and prepare our customizations for Fusion by converting to a Fusion supported framework:  OBIEE, BI Publisher, JDeveloper/ADF and Enterprise Manager.

The second question was, “Why not wait for 12.2. and skip the 12.1.3 Upgrade?”

My answer was that the tech stack change to the application server, WebLogic, would complicate the upgrade and since R12.2 is not released, there is no guaranteed upgrade patch from to R12.2. Michael Brown added that customers waiting for the R12.2 upgrade would run out of support before 12.2 was released. I stressed the importance of the 12.1.3 Upgrade, as not only the biggest financial change to EBS in years, but that users will need time to fully utilize the new SLA  functionality.

Floyd Teter interceded, though I chastised him for not asking questions, but making comments, even though he was no longer on the Upgrade SIG panel. This is pure jest, as I had invited Floyd to make comments, but had to give him a “hard time” for jumping in without a formal invite from Sandra, the moderator.

A further qualification of support as it relates to when the products are released was offered by Nadia. For instance, R12.1 was released in May 2009 and will be supported with premium suppport for 5 years. There will be another 3 years of extended support, followed by sustaining support. The bottom line is, you don’t want to be on sustaining support. If you’re using Payroll, that requires yearly updates, these updates are not included in Sustaining support. That means extended support for will end November 2012. Any customers on Payroll will want to be upgraded before 2013.

Max added that extended support for R12.1.3 would be valid through June 2017.

The next question was about upgrade or re-implement. Everyone agreed that the upgrade process from to R12.1.3 was robust and well documented and was far cheaper than re-implementing.  Someone pointed out that Oracle re-implemented, but that was before the advent of Upgrade by Request. In addition, Bill Dunham suggested that many Chart of Account changes may not really require re-implementation. Furthermore, ePrentice has a product that can map the new COA to the old COA eliminate the need to re-implement.

Nadia explained that some products used in EBS, such as Forms, will be continued to be supported by the EBS group, even if they are desupported by the development group. From this we found out that the 10.1.2 Forms home currently in R12.1 will be maintained by the EBS group and that Forms will be with us even in 12.2.

A few CEMLI questions came up and I thought Nadia said the CEMLI tool would become available without requiring a consulting engagement.