Oracle Open World 2011

Oracle Open World 2011 was the best ever! Everything is big at OOW. Exadata was everywhere.

Awesome presentations including some of my favorite presenters/authors, Tim Gorman, Cary Millsap, Debra Lilley, Dennis Horton and Deep Ram, Tanel Poder, Nadia Bendjedou and Cliff Godwin.

My Favorite presentation was from Cary Millsap on his presentation on “Skew”. Skew is everywhere. Did you know the average number of legs per person was 1.99? Why is it not greater than 2, because there are no three legged humans. (This is the best picture I could get of Cary, he thinks best when he’s moving).

The James Bond joke, if you don’t know what a Thermos is and someone tells you that it keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold, why didn’t it work when I put my coffee and my popsicle in my thermos?  Understand your data.

Skew exists everywhere, especially in systems, charaterized by CPU, memory, disks and networks. In there are 1118 system calls, 6 dba calls and 2 psuedo calls. The system  processes are dominated by system calls, with a few critical DBA calls.

The Upgrade SIG

From Oracle: Nadia Bendjedou, Max Arderius, Lester Gutierrez , Anne Carlson

Chairperson – Barb Matthews, Panelists included: Sandra Vucinic (moderator), Kaberi Nayak, Bill Dunham, Michael Brown, Susan Behn and Mike Swing.

 Oak Table dinner sponsered by our gracious host Mogens Norgaard of Miracle AS included Tanel Poder, a real superman. Tanel has an excellent book out on ExaData.

The dinner was held at the Franciscan Crab Restaurant and the crab was truly better than I’ve ever had.

The conference had lots of exhibitors, two of our favorite are 2e2 (with a product called ConfigSnapshot) and ePrentice.  

One of the exhibitor gifts was a sumo wrestler from Hitachi Consulting, who looks interested in the Oracle Racing Team.




But the best gift of all, was winning back the America’s Cup. Thanks, Uncle Larry. The first model ship I ever built was the America, after reading a book about sailing.