Stopping and Starting adpatch Causes ‘Unable to find job when reading existing jobs’

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Sometimes stopping and restarting a patch that seems to be hanging with adctrl will cause the patch to finish. However, twice now this process has scared the living bejebers out of me. In the example below, job GMIG3MIB.sql was running for a very long time, so I stopped the patch with adctrl and restarted the patch, using adpatch.






After restarting the patch, the patch always scares me, because the first thing it says is that it’s starting over, then after reading the completed jobs from the restart file, it determines the correct number of jobs remaining:patch issue 1





Then, I got this message that say’s, it’s “Unable to find job when reading existing jobs”, Actually the job GMIG3MIB.sql has already finished, so I tried setting the status with adctrl to quit and failed, and the option 8, skip and restart on the next job.








So now, since the status was Skip & restart, I thought the jobs would be skipped, but I still kept getting the “Unable to find job when reading existing jobs” error from above.







Boy did I think I was in serious ____, but with a little research on MOS, I found: Inadvertently Closing a Session of Adpatch Causes ‘Unable to find job ‘ Error [ID 257505.1]

This MOS note says, to resolve this issue:

1. Determine the last job that was supposed to run. (zxexemptjur.sql)

2. Grep from all the adworker log files to confirm that the last job

has been completed successfully by one of the adworkers. (GMIG3MIB.sql)

3.  Update fnd_install_processes with control code and status both =

‘W’ for the worker that this driver is assigned.

4  Restart adpatch.

This worked and saved me from restoring the database files and restarting the 1211 MP, 6678700, with 125402 jobs and running the patch for another 16 hours. Whew.

update applsys.fnd_install_processes set status=’W’ where worker_id=1;

update applsys.fnd_install_processes set status=’W’ where worker_id=2;

update applsys.fnd_install_processes set control_code=’W’ where worker_id=1;

update applsys.fnd_install_processes set control_code=’W’ where worker_id=2;

To fix the GMIG3MIB.sql issue:

Run sqlplus apps/apps  …/apps/apps_st/appl/gmi/12.0.0/patch/115/sql/GMIG3MIB.sql

Enter value for 2: GMI

Enter value for 1: 1000

Enter value for 3: 1

Enter value for 4: 1

I skipped the okemd2fx.sql, with option 8, and skipped the wmsrules.sql.

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