Nadia’s clarifications of the R12 Upgrade SIG Summary

 Corrections to my earlier summary of the R12 Upgrade SIG from Nadia. Thank you Nadia.

1)      [Mike said] Some initial promises about that capability have been nixed and the rule is Oracle will support and 12.1, but when 12.2 comes out is history.

a.       [Nadia edits]: The rule is that Oracle supports upgrade path from the last 2 releases of EBS, for example for Fusion V1 only 12 and 12.1 are ! the supported releases for Upgrade to Fusion. Hence 11i10 will not have an upgrade path to Fusion directly (of course the alternative for 11i10 customers is to re-implement in Fusion).

2)      [Mike said] Nadia explained that some products used in EBS, such as Forms, will be continued to be supported by the EBS group, even if they are desupported by the development group.

a.       [Nadia edits]: If a technology, that is used by EBS functionality, is desupported by the technology team at Oracle, then EBS will take over the support for that technology as long as it is needed by EBS functionality. A good example is the Oracle Workflow, which is a pre-req for EBS and is now supported by Oracle EBS development team and not by the Oracle Technology team. If one day, Oracle Forms are desupported by the technology organization and as long as Forms are required by EBS, then EBS will guarantee its support through the life of EBS.

      A few CEMLI questions came up and I thought Nadia said the CEMLI tool would become available without requiring a consulting engagement.

a.       [Nadia edits]: CEMLI is a great tool to report on the customization, but what is also interesting is to understand where those CEMLIs are being used in the customization. There is a session at Oracle OpenWorld that talks about the CEMLI Analyzer, a tool to help customer figure out the impact of CEMLIs, figure out where each customization is being used. The session is called “20920 – Oracle E-Business Suite: CEMLI Impact Analyzer”  on Thursday at at 3pm, Moscone West, Rm: 2014: