Patch Wizard Can Export its Patch Analysis Now!

Check out Patch 9703082, released in November 2015 for both Release 12.1 and 12.2. Oracle has added the ability to export your patch analysis from Patch Wizard. This works well for companies that want to document or research what objects will change if a patch is applied and send it to testers in an email. Until now, you either had to write your own script to pull the data out of the Patch Wizard tables, or point testers to the Patch Wizard screens. But there’s one caveat…

When you click on the Export button, it exports everything – a list of New Files, Changed Files, and Unchanged Files. We haven’t found a use for the Unchanged Files information, and the sheer quantity of records that this category produces can be overwhelming. Imagine if you analyzed RUP4 – your export file would contain thousands of Unchanged Files. Nonetheless, being able to send that export file via email is valuable, so here’s the workaround:

1. Export the file
2. Sort by Impact Type
3. Delete the Unchanged Files
4. Save and send to your tester