We can Generate 11i & R12 BR100s and Find All your Customizations

TruTek provides as part of our assessments the ability to generate BR100s and find all customizations using our favorite partner’s software, 2e2 / ConfigSnapshot. This is compatible with any version of the E-Business Suite from 11.0.3 to 12.1.3+ and for 130+ modules & technical areas. Free trial and web demos available on request – sherri@trutek.com or barb@trutek.com for details.

BR100s and customizations are just the start, see details below for a general summary of basic capabilities available out of the box:

Setup Management
•Automatically generate setup documentation for > 130 modules
•Plan configuration in ConfigSnapshot before deploying to the E-Business Suite
•Control setup for new changes
•Directly compare setups across multiple environments
•Compare operating units, sets of books etc. within or across environments
•Create date stamped copies of setup for historic reporting and comparison over time
•Covers key technical areas including workflow, database objects etc.
•Extensible to cover custom application setups
•Annotate important setup items to assist managing key setups
•Compare actual setups with model values

Reduce Time – Reduce Errors – Reduce Cost – Reduce Risk

Patching / Upgrades
•Identify customizations
•Compare setups across different versions – understand the impact
•Identify all components affected to help prioritise testing
•Manage any additional setup required
•Ensure each iteration is accurately repeated

Assess Impact – Determine Scope – Simplify Execution

Support / Audit
•Flexible reporting targets data effectively and ensure results can be formatted to simplify understanding
•Thousands of reporting requirements provided as standard
•Define additional reporting in minutes; assist system administration, problem resolution and enforcing policies
•Feature-rich online inquiry
•Consolidated reporting for complex setups, e.g. security and user access – including Role Based Access Control
•Identify changes to key setups

Support Proactively, Not Reactively – Enforce Control